Art Citron

Originally from the Bronx, Art moved with his family to Philadelphia suburbs. To follow his parent’s wishes, Art originally wanted to be a doctor, and was enrolled in Princeton University. He had a mid life crisis at 22 and quit to enroll as a Film and Animation Major at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. He then attended CalArts’ Directing – Theater, Video and Cinema program under Alexander Mackendrick. Rudy Fehr and Mackendrick suggested that “if you want to be a director, learn editing.” Art interned and became an assistant editor under Fima Noveck, where he cut scenes for action and horror films such as “Viper” with Lorenzo Lamas and “Men of War” with Dolph Lundgren, there he quickly realized that his passion is editing.

Art left Los Angeles and returned to New York City, where he jumped into reality, documentary and short narrative films. Some of his work includes TLC’s “Trading Spaces”, “Birthday”, and “A Wedding Story” where he won and Emmy Award. Also he’s cut a multitude of promos and commercials for everyone from MTV to NBC Sports.

Art recently edited “The Wonderlist with Bill Weir” for CNN as well as “American Diner Revival” and “Restaurant Impossible” for the Food Network.

Currently, Art lives in New Jersey with his wife, 2 kids and 3 cats.

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