Darragh Marmorstein
Costume Designer

Darragh began her career in costumes after working in the mailroom at Universal Studios, delivering mail to legends like Alfred Hitchcock, Billy Wilder, George Lucas, Steven Spielberg and Edith Head.

Inspired by Edith Head, Darragh went on to graduate from fashion school and continued her education at Otis Art Institute. As a fashion photographer, she won an award from Nikon for a Fashion Photography competition sponsored by Sony Studios; her winning photo was featured in Harper’s Bazaar Magazine.

Darragh’s artwork has garnered a space on the wall of the Art Rental Gallery at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

Darragh’s design aesthetic and expansive knowledge of period and contemporary fashion make her ability to translate the director’s vision effortless. Her special attention to detail lends a rich stylistic quality to each project she designs.

Darragh is a strong supporter of women in the entertainment industry and has designed numerous short films for the Directors Womens Workshop at AFI.

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