Gwendolyn Witkin
Production Designer

Born in Amsterdam, Gwendolyn Witkin moved to the US to attend Syracuse University, where she studied Interior Design, Industrial Design, Architecture and Sculpture. After her apprenticeship as assistant Set Decorator in Los Angeles on a large studio movie, she changed her major and graduated in Set Design for Theatre in 1990.

Gwendolyn then moved to LA, and during the first two years she worked on a number of Roger Corman movies, but kept her day job with Hearst Entertainment and HBO for TV series and movies of the week. From 1993 till 1997, she worked as an Art Director on major commercials such as Intel, Toyota, Lexus, MCI, BMW, Reebok and Nissan.

In 1997, Gwendolyn returned to Amsterdam, where she worked as a Production Designer for the movie KARAKTER, which won the Oscar for best foreign movie that year. From 1998 till 2004 she was the Production Designer on several TV series, movies, commercials, and theatre in Amsterdam and other European cities.

Having a great passion for traveling and other cultures, she made an extensive trip throughout South America, and a few years later Australia, Thailand, and Laos.

During these years Gwendolyn also designed several interiors, commercials, and residential projects in Amsterdam and Thailand. In 2003 she was asked to teach Art Direction at the Artemis Academy in Amsterdam for a year.

After a great experience on the movie FIREFIGHTER, shot in Manhattan, Gwendolyn decided to take up residency in New York City in 2004. While there she has been designing sets for photography, commercials, and designed the movie BREAKING POINT, starring Tom Berenger and Busta Ryhmes, directed by Jeff Celentano, which was released theatrically by Lionsgate in December 2009.

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