Rebecca Luke
Costume Designer

Rebecca Luke is a “garmento” in every sense of the word. As an expert in the area of style, her collective skills set runs the gamut from production, public relations and marketing services to art direction, styling, costume design, choreography and visual display. Her expertise has been honed by working with clients both locally and nationally in non-profit, retail, clothing manufacturing, TV/film, theater and the arts industries for the past 30 years.

Rebecca’s key services include personal image consulting. She gained immense experience with this specialty as a personal shopper at the Nordstrom Flagship store (1996 – 2003). She continues to work as a fashion stylist, costume designer and creative art director. She is best known for her work in, Lucky Them (Tribeca 2014 & TIFF 2013), Safety Not Guaranteed (Sundance 2012), The Off Hours (Sundance 2011), and Eden (SWSW 2012). She had two projects featured this year at Sundance 2015 with two films currently in theaters. Her full film profile can be seen at Rebecca Luke IMdb profile.

As an image consultant, she distinguishes herself as a consultant with current and active work as a stylist and costume designer. As a stylist and costume designer, her work outside of “the industry” lends to creative and productive success for her clients. In 2000, Rebecca founded a creative service company, les Egoistes LLC/Rebecca Luke Style. The company’s vision is to focus their creative energy on most anything that requires a “look or feel”. les Egoistes cooperates with team members across the country to ensure their clients’ message is presented with eloquence, style and on target. Celebrity clients include Toni Collette. She is also one of Barneys NY preferred stylists.

Rebecca is bicoastal with a studio and apartments in both Brooklyn & Seattle. She travels across the country speaking on the topics of sustainability, as well as, wardrobing, dressing and image. She blogs about lifestyle and fashion at In 2015 she plans to launch Inspired Design Magazine and will be its Creative Director. Rebecca holds a BA in Marketing with an emphasis in Clothing and Textiles. Rebecca believes that her involvement in fashion and style is her “art”. It is a family legacy and her true self-expression. To view a portfolio of work for Rebecca Luke, please go to

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