Richard Numeroff

A professional filmmaker, cinematographer, director and producer for over 30 years, Richard’s work has been seen internationally and his production experience has taken him all over the U.S. and much of the world.
His company, Relay Productions, Inc., produces independent projects and also provides film and video production and post-production services for numerous broadcast, corporate, and commercial clients since 1981.

In 2002 Richard received an Emmy Nomination for Outstanding Cinematography for TLC’s “THE HUMAN FACE” with John Cleese and Elizabeth Hurley. Recent notable documentaries for which Richard has shot entire or principal photography and garnered awards include: “ILLICIT: THE DARK TRADE” Based on the book by Moises Naim and filmed in Bogota, Columbia, Panama City, Hong Kong, and various locations in the U.S. and Mexico; “THE BOYS” Disney Feature Documentary reveals the creative life and conflicted relationship of the Sherman Brothers who wrote all the Disney film and world music that we know the best; “GREEN, THE NEW RED, WHITE AND BLUE” with NYT Columnist and writer Thomas Friedman on alternatives to our addiction to oil; and “9/11: THE FALLING MAN” a feature doc exploring the emotions and issues that came up with the publishing of a photo of a man falling from the towers. Directed by Henry Singer it was Nominated for 2007 BAFTA, 2006 Outstanding Achievement in Documentary INTERNATIONAL EMMY, Winner 2006 Program Awards ROYAL TELEVISION SOCIETY, Winner 2007 BROADCAST AWARDS for Best Documentary and Winner 2007 NY FILM FESTIVAL WORLD GOLD MEDAL.

In 1999 Richard Produced and Directed a 4-hour series for the Travel Channel entitled “AMERICA AFTER DARK”. People still report seeing some episodes late at night on Discovery Digital channels. Richard has directed and produced television dramatizations, host links, and award-winning promotional and awareness films for network and Cable TV, and more from his heart, for non-profit organizations such as Jazz at Lincoln Center, Care For The Homeless and the New York Organ Donor Network. On the corporate side he has recently completed an award winning world wide corporate film for the international logistics and delivery company TNT Express Global Logistics and continues to shoot for Verizon Wireless on special projects.

As owner and director of Relay Productions, Inc. Richard has supervised, consulted, created, directed, and orchestrated every possible phase of production and gained an extensive and internationally acclaimed clientele.

Richard’s crew mates and production associates are consistently excellent creative and technical personnel selected for efficiency, personality, good-humor, and sensitivity to material.

Client list includes: HBO, TLC, ABC, CBS, NBC, MTV, A&E, BBC, Discovery Channel, Arista, Lifetime, Bravo, Miramax, Cabin Creek Films, British Channel 4, and many others.

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