Ryan Earl Parker

Ryan Earl Parker has applied his beautifully perceptive cinematography to a wide variety of film projects, producing high quality, sophisticated results touched by his economical approach and his heartfelt imagination. His ability to see through the camera what others might overlook makes him an essential asset to the directors with whom he works, who easily trust his intuition and his skill at bringing their visions to life.

Ryan thrives when he is called to think outside the box. His unique approach insures captivating originality on screen and cost effectiveness on paper. With grace and diplomacy on set, he generates ingenuity that transforms limitations into unexpected opportunities. He communicates a seasoned understanding of light and color and how emerging photographic technology captures them.

Ryan’s feature work includes the AMC curated Shudder channel’s “Sweet, Sweet Lonely Girl,” “Girl in Woods” starring Charisma Carpenter, “Only Child” starring Grace Zabriskie, and the Dekkoo.com series “Feral.” He lensed the Craig Brewer produced “The Invaders” documentary and is a frequent collaborator of Producer/Director Sam Pollard.

In addition to a BA from the University of Memphis, he is a graduate of the Global Cinematography Institute taught by the late Vilmos Zsigmond, ASC. He is a certified colorist from the International Colorist Academy and recently completed the American Society of Cinematographers Master Class in Los Angeles under the instruction of Kramer Morgenthau, ASC, Affonso Beato, ASC, ABC, and Bill Bennet, ASC, to name a few.

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